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Barred From U.S. Under Trump, Muslims Exult in Biden’s Open Door

Protesters marching through New York City in 2017 in opposition to President Trump’s executive order preventing people from several majority Muslim countries from entering the country.

A Decade On, Silence Fills Egypt’s Field of Broken Dreams

Hundreds of Thousands protested in Tahrir Square in 2011. Buildings visible in the background include the Arab League headquarters, top left, and the Egyptian Museum, right center.

Pro-Navalny Protests Sweep Russia in Challenge to Putin

The police in Russia arrested thousands of people during a nationwide protest against the jailing of opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny.

A Year Later, Wuhan, the First Post Coronavirus Pandemic City

Two Years After Legalizing Cannabis, Has Canada Kept Its Promises?

Buds of dried cannabis flowers at a growing facility in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Voices From China's Covid Crisis, One Year After Wuhan Lockdown

An exhibition in Wuhan, China, commemorating the city’s struggle with the coronavirus.

How Beijing Turned China’s Covid-19 Tragedy to Its Advantage

A year ago, Wuhan’s hospitals were filling up with coronavirus patients. The Chinese government has since declared victory over the Wuhan outbreak.

Philippine Drug Raid Leaves 13 Dead

Thousands of people in the Philippines have been killed in President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

Preserving Brutal Histories, One Garment at a Time

The textile conservationist Julia Brennan putting on gloves to inspect clothing from victims of the Khmer Rouge stored in crates at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Margaret Court to Get a Top Australian Honor, Drawing Outrage

Margaret Court at the Australian Open last year, during a ceremony marking 50 years since she won the Grand Slam.

An Australia With No Google? The Bitter Fight Behind a Drastic Threat

Melanie Silva, the managing director of Google Australia and New Zealand, appearing via a video link during an Australian Senate inquiry on Friday.

If Poor Countries Go Unvaccinated, a Study Says, Rich Ones Will Pay

Getting a coronavirus test in Ahmedabad, India. A new study calls attention to the pandemic’s damage to supply chains that even wealthy nations depend on.

UK Warns New Coronavirus Variant May Be Deadlier

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about the virus variant at a news conference on Friday in London.

On ‘Rooftop of Africa,’ Ethiopia’s Troops Hunt Fugitive Former Rulers

A member of the Ethiopian military near the city of Alamata in the Tigray region last month.

Covid-19: U.S. Virus Cases Fall as Variants Spread

U.S. Virus Cases Top 25 Million

The official U.S. coronavirus case tally works out to about one in every 13 people in the country.

‘America’s salad bowl’ is fertile ground for Covid-19.

A migrant worker on a break from harvesting lettuce in Somerton, Ariz.

Olympic Athlete Speaks of Assault and Breaks a Bigger Silence in Greece

Sofia Bekatorou in Athens on Wednesday. She won a gold medal in her discipline at the 2004 Athens Olympics and bronze four years later in Beijing.

In Crises, Vaccines Can Be Stretched, but Not Easily

A pharmacy worker preparing a coronavirus vaccine dose in England this week.

Aleksei Navalny Protests Constitute Biggest Russian Dissent in Years

Demonstrators clashing with the police on Saturday in Moscow.

Hong Kong and Madrid tighten lockdowns amid concerns over the new variant.

The restricted area in the Jordan district of Hong Kong on Saturday.

Beny Steinmetz, a Mining Magnate, Found Guilty in Swiss Corruption Trial

Beny Steinmetz was sentenced to a five-year jail term after being convicted of corruption charges involving mining deals in Guinea.

Fresh Starts at the Top in Both Washington and Ottawa

President Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have a warm relationship, in part from Mr. Biden’s eight years as vice president.

NY State Will Temporarily Run Out of Vaccine Doses by End of Day

A screener checks in patients at a Covid-19 vaccination site in Jones Beach last week. Vaccine manufacturers are having difficulty meeting demand.

Smugglers Get Long Prison Terms in U.K. for Their Roles in Killing 39 Migrants

The truck where 39 people were found dead, being guarded by a police officer in 2019.

Justin Trudeau Gets Call From Biden as Canada and U.S. Mend Relations

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arriving to a press conference on Friday where he addressed his future relationship with President Biden.

Russia Scrambles to Keep Young People Away From Navalny Protests

Aleksei A. Navalny, the Russian opposition leader and anticorruption activist, being taken from a police station outside Moscow on Monday. He remains in detention.

Kremlin Welcomes Biden’s Offer to Extend Nuclear Treaty

A photograph released by Russian state news media showed President Vladimir V. Putin during a video conference on Thursday. The nuclear disarmament treaty expires on Feb. 6.

Director of Amazon's 'Tandav' Cuts Scenes After Pressure From India's Hindu Nationalists

Supporters of India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party demonstrated against the Amazon series “Tandav” on Monday in Mumbai.

Five million in the U.K. have gotten a vaccine and officials hint the variant may be more deadly, though it’s too soon to tell.

Waiting to receive Covid-19 vaccine shots in London on Friday.

Ukraine Ended Secret Government Spending. Vaccine Makers Now Demand It.

Vials of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Drugmakers including Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson have insisted that many of the terms of their deals with governments must be kept confidential.

A Vaccine Road Trip

A highway billboard in Las Vegas.

Dave Chappelle tests positive for the virus.

Dave Chappelle had been hosting socially distanced shows since June.

1971: After 2 Years and 100 Sessions, Vietnam Peace Talks Remain Deadlocked

Saying Goodbye to Melbourne’s Weird and Wonderful Taxidermy

Your Friday Briefing

“The brutal truth is it’s going to take months before we can get the majority of Americans vaccinated,” President Biden said.

Canada’s Governor General Resigns Amid Reports of a Toxic Workplace

Julie Payette, Canada’s Governor General, in September last year.

Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today

Former Vatican Banker Convicted of Money Laundering and Embezzlement

An image released by the Vatican shows the first hearing in the trial of Angelo Caloia, the former president of the Vatican Bank, in 2018.

Your Friday Briefing

Passengers wearing protective face masks in Berlin. Requirements on public transportation tightened this week.

Eli Lilly Claims Drug Prevents Coronavirus Infection in Nursing Homes

A patient being moved into a nursing home in Hollywood, Calif., last month. Residents of long-term care facilities are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19, and a drug could prevent infections, the manufacturer says.

For Peter Nygard, Alone and Jailed, Rags-to-Riches Story Turns Upside Down

A picture of Peter Nygard in a Nygard store in New York.

Glastonbury Festival Canceled for a Second Year Due to Pandemic

Kylie Minogue performs at Glastonbury Festival in 2019, the last time the event took place. 

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Says Russia Wants to Force It Out

The headquarters of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Prague, in a photograph released by Russian state media.

U.K. Hospitals Struggle to Cope With a New Coronavirus Variant

Transporting a patient outside the Royal London Hospital this month. Britain now has nearly 40,000 Covid-19 patients in hospitals, almost double last year’s peak.

‘Cannabis Factory’ Is Found in London’s Deserted Financial District

The apparently complex operation was “no doubt being set up in response to fewer people being out and about during the pandemic who might have noticed any unusual activity,” a detective said.

An A.S.L. interpreter who gave coronavirus updates dies of Covid-19 complications.

Patty Sakal, an American Sign Language interpreter who translated updates about the coronavirus for deaf Hawaiians.

Ex-Coach Sentenced to 10 Years for Raping Star Skater

Sri Lanka reopens its airports, despite a surge in cases and chaos around a shaman’s tonic.

Workers preparing for the reopening of Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Wednesday.

In a Slight to E.U., U.K. Says Not All Ambassadors Are Equal

The E.U. ambassador to London, João Vale de Almeida, is one of the bloc’s most experienced. He previously served as ambassador of the European Union to the United Nations.

Biden’s First Day

Joe Biden was sworn in as President just before noon.

New coronavirus variants could challenge vaccine efforts.

Health workers tending to a Covid-19 patient in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in November.

A year after the U.S. recorded its first virus case, the outbreak has ravaged the nation and deaths remain high.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport last February. America’s first known coronavirus patient had passed through the previous month, on his way home from Wuhan, China.

During one pandemic, students are training for the next.

Teresa Bautista, a student at the High School for Environmental Studies in Manhattan, collecting goose dropping samples at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx.

Suicide Bombings in Crowded Baghdad Market Kill at Least 32

The site of a twin suicide bombing in a busy market in Baghdad on Thursday.

Traveling With a Purpose: For Some, It’s a 2021 Resolution

Locked Up in a Hotel for a Year, Then a Sudden Taste of Freedom

A refugee shook hands with an Australian Border Force officer after leaving the Park Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, on Thursday.

Biden restores ties with the World Health Organization that were cut by Trump.

Experts from China and the World Health Organization at a hospital in Wuhan last week. A W.H.O. team is in China investigating how the virus jumped from animals to people.